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The 25th Annual Blues Alley “Summer Jazz Camp”

St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church in Southwest Washington, DC July 22nd-August 2nd 2024
9:30 am – 3:30 pm

subject to change

Greetings! My name is Michael Bowie, and as the Musical Director for the Blues Alley Jazz Youth Orchestra, I am excited to introduce you to our unique and innovative Jazz Language Camp. This camp is designed for students aged 11-18 who have a basic understanding of major and minor scales and are interested in exploring the world of jazz music.


Our teaching methodology is centered around the idea of enhancing individuality through active listening, singing, and discovering jazz solos and melodies on your instrument. By strengthening your ear and connecting it to your instrument, you will develop a deep understanding of the value of scales and acquire the language of jazz in a way that is both effective and enjoyable. 


At our program, students will have the opportunity to join combos where they will immerse themselves in the music of jazz masters. Through active listening and imitation, students will experience immediate success as they articulate the language of jazz learned from these masters. This approach is similar to how we learn to speak, and it allows students to develop their own unique voice in the world of jazz music. Once students have viscerally experienced the language of jazz, we delve into the theory behind what they are playing. This enables students to apply their knowledge to every song they encounter, giving them the tools to improvise and create their own unique solos. This method has been utilized by the great jazz masters that I have had the privilege of working and recording with, including Sarah Vaughan, Stanley Turrentine, James Moody, and many others. Important to note: we prioritize individuality and creativity over rote learning. 

Daily Activities: 


Students will use their devices and earbuds to listen to, and copy, melodies and solos from our list of jazz standards. They will utilize that which they have learned in practice with their combos.



We will take examples from what the students learned and examine how it fits over the structure of this song, also identifying the scales used in its construction. 


Master Classes
Top professionals will give instruction on technique and share their stories as practitioners in the field of music. 


Student Concert
August 2nd 4pm Saint Augustine’s church 

Summer Jazz Camp Registration
Please fill out the below after you have paid via paypal on the link to the right.  Thanks.

Uplod Waiver Form
Select an option
Select an option
  1. In-Person (2 weeks) = $700.00

  2. In-Person (1 week) = $400.00

Program Length: – 2 weeks Program Dates: Mondays through Fridays
July 22, 2024-August 2, 2024.  Time: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

Camp Tuition
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