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Jazz is an improvisational and an egalitarian art form that has been instrumental in elevating North American culture around the world for over half a century. In the spirit of this culture we wish to embrace and include all ages, creeds, and ethnicities that comprise this unique art form and its multicultural identity. The identity of jazz, and of the American people, has been indelibly linked to its contribution to the global cultural community.


Blues Alley Jazz has been synonymous with the jazz identity of our Nation’s Capital since 1965. We have therefore identified a multitude of donor levels that will underwrite, support and sustain our funding initiatives at a variety of affordable levels. This entertainment funding strategy is not unknown to our Blues Alley Jazz Society organization. Our non-profit organization has been giving back to the community for almost four decades through our award-winning youth orchestra, annual summer jazz camp for kids and our international vocal competition.


We have tailored our giving platform to the following financial levels which will enable all of our givers to donate directly to our programs:


  • Solo = $100

  • Duo = $200

  • Trio = $300

  • Quartet = $400

  • Quintet = $500

  • Sextet = $600

  • Septet = $700

  • Octet = $800

  • Nonet = $900

  • Tentet = $1,000

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