The Collegiate Jazz JAM! has been transformed into an all-day musical competition on the National Mall that usually attracts thousands of in-person and virtual viewers globally. Past participants have included community-based schools, colleges and universities from around the world that perform and receive adjudication from top professional musicians. These musicians would solely adjudicate but not judge these ensembles but now we will graduate from amateur to professional as we seek to locate the top jazz orchestral talent in the United States of America.


The judges will be selected from an elite group of musicianship including one nationally recognized artist. The competing ensembles will be required to perform publicly for a minimum of 40 minutes in front of a live audience at the Sylvan Amphitheater: The judges will tabulate the ensembles’ musical proficiencies based upon style, musicality and technical skills on a scale of one-to-ten. The winner will be selected from a field of no more than seven schools over seven hours with the winner announced at the conclusion of our event.


THERE WILL BE ONLY ONE PRIZE WINNER. The winner shall receive prominent media coverage, publicity and announcements via our various promotional outlets. In addition to the above the winner will receive the following:


  • $1,000 Honorarium

  • Blues Alley Statuette

  • Blues Alley Performance for the Subsequent Monday Night

  • Recording of their Performance


The winner will be listed on the Blues Alley websites and prominently promoted to our non-profit programming affiliates, student musicians via the internet in the ensuing academic year. In exchange for the above there will be a one-time fee of Fifty dollars ($50.00) and all registrants must file the following disclaimer document:

Music Education